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Hampton Music & Arts

Who We Are


As a technician at Hampton Music and Arts for the last 34 years working on countless vintage and loved instruments, there are many experiences that give me much gratification. Many of the repairs and adjustments I personally work on, have never been adjusted from the time of purchase. The service and maintenance is very important and will encourage better performance, ease of playing and enjoyment of your music; not to mention the pleasure of the friends listening.


Many times we think that we don’t play well when actually the instrument is not performing to its potential. My goal in life is to make the world a better place. I think music is one of the most important aspects of life ; from before you are born to after you have passed. Some music lasts for hundreds of years, go think. No matter where the vintage or new instrument was purchased or what type of instrument you might own, maintenance is very important.


If you have any question Contact Hampton Music & Arts for information. 631-728-3535

IMG_4926-2 Piano Hammers.jpg




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